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SAP NW Application Server Implementation and Operation I
SAP NetWeaver
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  • Perform SAP system administration tasks
  • Prepare consultants for further training courses to become SAP NW PI, or SAP NW Portal Consultant or to expand consultant knowledge of SAP NW AS (TADM12) and become certified SAP Technology Consultant


  • Technology Consultant
  • System Administrator



  • * Essential
  • Fundamental knowledge of operating systems and databases


  • none

Course based on software release

  • SAP NetWeaver 7.30 EHP 1


  • The Big Picture:
    • Outlining the SAP portfolio
    • Explaining the key capabilities of SAP NetWeaver
    • Describing SAP's Release Strategy
  • Navigation:
    • Navigating in SAP Systems
    • Performing Advanced Navigation in the SAP GUI
    • Applying help options and personalize user interface
  • The System Core
    • Analyzing SAP NetWeaver AS system architecture
    • Explaining AS ABAP Request Processing
    • Explaining AS ABAP Transactional Processing
    • Explaining AS Java Processes for 7.30 EHP1
  • SAP Start and Stop Procedure
    • Describing the Process of the Start Procedure of an SAP system
    • Describing the General Start Process for an SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP
    • Starting and Stopping SAP Systems
    • Analyzing the AS ABAP Logs at a failed system start
    • Scheduling downtimes
    • Starting and Stopping an SAP NetWeaver AS Java
    • Evaluating Tools for Starting and Stopping
    • Operating Java Startup and Control Framework
    • Analyzing Logs of Start and Stop Process of SAP NetWeaver AS Java
  • SAP System Configuration – AS ABAP
    • Analyzing System Profile Parameters
    • Setting up Profile Parameters
    • Configuring Operation Modes
  • Basic Configuration – AS JAVA
    • Listing Administration Tools
    • Maintaining Basic Configuration of AS Java with the Config Tool
    • Configuring AS Java with SAP NetWeaver Administrator
    • Maintaining Properties of the Central Services
  • Software Development in SAP Systems
    • Outlining the Data Structure of an SAP ABAP System
    • Outlining Software Logistics in ABAP environment
    • Describing the most important ABAP Workbench tools
    • Implementing an ABAP program
    • Outlining SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure
  • Technology Components for Browser-Based User Dialogs
    • Describing Internet Scenarios with SAP Systems
    • Configuring the Internet Communication Manager (ICM)
    • Using the Internet Communication Framework (ICF)
    • Using the SAP Web Dispatcher
  • Fundamentals of User Administration – AS ABAP
    • Creating Users and User Groups
    • Maintaining Authorization Roles
    • Maintaining Login Parameters and User Info
    • Describing Advanced User Administration Topics
  • User and Authorization Administration – ASA JAVA
    • Configuring the User Management Engine (UME)
    • Maintaining Users and Groups
    • Managing Java Authorization
    • Administrating Special Principles
    • Configuring Logon Procedure of the AS Java
  • Communication and Integration Technologies
    • Remote Function Calls and BAPIs
    • Linking Cross-System Business Processes
    • Describing the Basics of Web Services
    • RFC Connections
    • Demonstrating the Fundamentals and Variants for Using RFC
    • Setting up Remote Connections
  • System Monitoring and Troubleshooting
    • Explaining the Monitoring Architecture
    • Monitoring SAP Systems
    • Monitoring Using the SAP Solution Manager
    • Utilizing Traces and Protocols
    • Developing a Troubleshooting Procedure
  • Monitoring - AS Java
    • Connecting to a Central Monitoring System
    • Configuring Availability Monitoring
    • Operating Log Viewer and Performing Log Configuration
    • Performing Monitoring Using SAP Solution Manager
  • Software Lifecycle Management
    • Outlining Application Lifecycle Management
    • Implementing and Installing SAP Systems
    • Maintaining SAP Systems


  • The course material is available in English only
  • The topics covered in this course also prepare you for your follow-up education needed for Associate certification exams in other areas. The selection of topics in TADM10 is such that you are prepared to follow several certification paths. For the certificate Technology Associate – System Administration SAP NeWeaver 7.3, you further need the knowledge of courses TADM12 and TADM5x

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