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Execution, Charge Management & Settlement Processes in Transportation Management
1200 Min
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  • Freight Order Management and Execution, including integration with ECC LE Shipment
  • Transportation Charge Management
  • Cost Distribution
  • Freight Settlement including integration with PO and SES
  • Freight Payment processes in both TM and ECC
  • Intercompany Freight Processes
  • Upon completion of the course, the participant will know how to configure and use these Transportation Management functions.
  • The course is based upon SAPTM 9.0 version and ECC 606.


  • This course is aimed at project team members, consultants, key users, and Business Analysts responsible for implementing and supporting Transportation Management activities with SAP TM based on the component SAP TM 9.0 and ECC 6.06.



  • TM100 - Processes in Transportation Management
  • TM110 - Planning in Transportation Management


  • Some familiarity with core SAP ERP processing
  • Knowledge of transportation business processes
  • Knowledge of Accounts Payable and Receivable Processes
  • SCM210 - SCM Core Interface APO
  • SCM600 - Processes in Sales and Distribution
  • SCM611 - R/3 Transportation

Course based on software release

  • ERP ECC 6.06
  • TM 9.0
  • PI 7


  • Freight Order in Transportation Management
    • Scenarios in Transportation Execution
  • Freight Order Setup and Configuration
    • Freight Order Types & Configuration
    • Organization Setup for Freight Order Processing
    • Business Partners Determination
  • Carrier Selection
    • Carrier Evaluation
    • Carrier Selection based on Cost, Business Shares and Transportation Allocation
  • Freight Order Tendering
    • Tendering Profiles
    • RFQ Based Tendering
    • Direct Tendering
  • SAP TM and ECC Shipment Integration
    • Integrating ECC Shipment from SAP TM
    • Integrating ECC Shipment to SAP TM
  • Monitoring Events in SAP TM using Event Management
  • Setting Up Transportation Charge Management in SAP TM
    • Scales, Charge Types, Rate Tables, Calculation Sheets, Agreements
    • Rule Based Conditions
    • Pre-Payments, Resource Based charges, and Through IPT Rates
  • Cost Distribution
    • Cost Distribution Methods
    • Agency Billing
    • Cost Distribution Scenarios
  • Freight Settlement and Carrier Invoice Processing
  • Forwarding Order Settlement and Customer Invoice Processing
  • Freight Charge Correction
  • Internal Settlement
    • Inter-company settlement
    • Intra-company settlement


  • This class is relevant to the new Associate Level Certification that is available for SAP TM.
  • To enhance your SAP TM architecture, enhancement and technical skills SAP TM consultants propose to visit:
  • TZTM30 SAP TM Architecture Fundamentals and Enhancement Concepts
  • TZTM31 SAP TM Technical Deep Dive

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