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Bank Analyzer Infrastructure in Banking Services from SAP 8.0
720 Min
SAP for Industries
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  • Describe the Bank Analyzer Data Management and its Infrastructure
  • Be able to implement, change and enhance the Bank Analyzer, write concepts and create the customizing
  • Be able to choose the best of the available options from the range of available options


  • Application Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • System Architects
  • Developers
  • Business Process Owner/Team Lead/Power User



  • FS251 Accounting for Banks or
  • FS252 Risk Management


  • Basic knowledge of data warehousing
  • BW305 BW Query Design and Analysis
  • BW330 BW Modeling and Implementation
  • BIT100 SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology

Course based on software release

  • Banking Analyzer 8.0 (BW Integrated)
  • Banking Services 8.0
  • PI


  • Bank Analyzer Elements
    • Using the Bank Analyzer Infrastructure and Data Management
    • Using BW characteristics in Bank Analyzer
    • Using BW key figures in Bank Analyzer
    • Using the BW storage of organizational hierarchies and accounts
  • SDL Data Modeling & Data Storage
    • Using SDL functions and SDL Primary Objects
    • Changing SDL templates and SDL classes customizing
    • Using Segmentation service customizing
  • Data transfer and Interfaces: Inbound
    • Connecting the Bank Analyzer to source systems
    • Extracting data from source systems
    • Transforming data for Bank Analyzer use
    • Loading data into Bank Analyzer
    • Loading data into the Source Data Layer via DLL
  • General Calculation and Valuation Methods
    • Generating Cash Flows
    • Changing the cash flow generation customizing
    • Using the Present Value Calculation and Fair Value Production Process
  • Results Data Layer
    • Using the RDL Data storage functions
    • Using RDL data aggregation and retrieval
  • Data Retrieval and Extraction
    • Retrieving and extracting data from Bank Analyzer
    • Using primary & secondary data sources for data retrieval
    • Maintaining the data connection between SDL and Analyzer
    • Extracting data from Bank Analyzer
  • Tools and functions
    • Using the Calculation and Valuation Process Manager (CVPM)
    • Using the Reconciliation Hub
    • Using the Application Event Management
    • Supporting the Integration of SAP Operational and Analytics scenario


  • This course provides detailed information on the flexible supporting functions of the SAP Bank Analyzer. The customizing of the Source Data Layer and Results Data Layer is in focus as well as the functions and tools for the data transfer into Bank Analyzer, from Bank Analyzer and inside of the Bank Analyzer.

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